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PE Activity of the Week - Simon Says

Posted on 30th March 2017 by Kennie Roberts

For this week’s PE Activity of the Week we want to bring back the classic game of Simon Says.  

S2S Courses plan, coordinate and prepare fun, energising games for children to participate in during our sports sessions. We like to be as unique as possible and ensure children have fun whilst working hard and learning new skills. Each week we share our favourite ‘PE Activity of the Week’ to give you an insight into our sessions and provide some inspiration for games of your own. 

The object of the game:

The classic Simon Says game. The object is for the players to do what Simon says whilst not being caught out by fake instructions. Simon should aim to get players out as quickly as possible, whilst players aim to stay in the game.

Skills acquired:

  • Listening skills
  • Circuit
  • Reaction time
  • Focus
  • Thinking skills



  1. One child is chosen to be Simon
  2. The other players must follow Simon’s instructions when beginning a phrase with ‘Simon Says’
  3. If Simon does not start with the phrase ‘Simon Says’ then any children who still follow the instruction are out
  4. The aim is for Simon to get players out as quickly as possible
  5. The last player to stay in wins and can become Simon for the next round


S2S Courses offer a wide range of physical activities ranging from soccer and dance to multi-sport events, in term-time and during the school holidays.

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S2S Courses provides high-quality Sports Coaching activities to get children active. If you want to engage children in fun, energising activities, contact us today on 0121 792 2643 or email info@s2scourses.co.uk

Kennie Roberts

By Kennie Roberts

Kennie has has recently completed his PESS level 3 apprenticeship and has a Btec level 3 Diploma in Sports Performance and Excellence, and an FA football coaching level 1 and 2.

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