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Healthy Packed Lunch Boxes

Posted on 24th January 2018 by Rebecca Page

Packed lunches are a great opportunity to provide your child with a healthy meal and build a healthy relationship between child and food.

There are many misconceptions about packed lunches, such as it is costly or takes too much time. However, these can both be easily overcome and will benefit both you and your child in the long term.

Advantages of Healthy Lunches:

  • Boosts energy for the Afternoon subjects
  • Increases concentration skills
  • Healthy habit for life
  • Prevents obesity
  • Increases social skills and children can bond over healthy food
  • Helps cells to grow and be healthy

Tips for Healthy Packed Lunch boxes:

  • Prepare lunchbox the night before
  • Freeze a bottle of water or yoghurt to keep the lunchbox cool, and will defrost by lunchtime to be eaten
  • Buy bread at a reduced rate if close to sell by date and freeze. Defrost the night before and it will be perfect for sandwiches the next day!
  • Buy dried fruit and nuts in big, cheap bags and portion into sandwich bags for an easy snack to grab!
  • Water and milk are the healthiest drinks
  • Cut sandwiches or fruit into shapes or animals using a knife or cookie cutter. This can also help children to eat foods that they normally wouldn’t want to
  • Get children involved in preparing their lunch box

Examples of Healthy Packed Lunch boxes:

  • Bootle of water or carton of milk
  • Yoghurts are a great source of calcium
  • Brown bread sandwiches with chicken and salad
  • Cucumber sticks or carrot sticks and a dip such as hummus
  • Cut up an apple and squeeze lemon juice over so that it won’t turn brown

Healthy Lunchboxes can help a cold to create healthy habits for life, and sport can further help this. S2S Courses provide sport activities to schools to help encourage children to become fit and healthy. S2S Courses also offer sporting activities during the School Holidays, which helps children to stay healthy even when they are not at school. For more information, call us today on 0121 222 5464, or email info@s2scourses.co.uk

S2S Courses provides high-quality Sports Coaching activities to get children active. If you want to engage children in fun, energising activities, contact us today on 0121 792 2643 or email info@s2scourses.co.uk

Rebecca Page

By Rebecca Page

Rebecca is S2S Courses Business Administrator who has completed an Apprenticeship with the company.

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